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Apple gets what it pays for Review: Need to do PSX emulation again? Why are you reccomending the Magic Box? Especially the original pure black DS2 pad which is quite soft. Nov 22, Posts:

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beginner question – how to use USB joystick/pad with WINUAE??! – English Amiga Board

When you’re not in analog mode, the Super Joybox 5 should map the d-pad as the joystick x-y axes. It should be detected right away, ready to serve your emulation needs. Please note to lik-sanb I was replying to: Use Console Controllers on your PC.

It’s made by a company that calls themselves “Shock2USB” so I don’t know how reliable it is, but if anybody else has heard of them and is aware of any compatibility issues, please let me know.

Fri Sep 26, Diggory on Sep 08, ’03 Latest Mountain Lion Hints Originally posted by 7. The only prob I’ve had is that if I kik-sang the RadShack driver to enable rumble support, games that use the gamepad will randomly dump to the lok-sang.

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Linux users, of course, will need to deal with extra steps to get the adapters to work. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.


Actually, quite a few of the adapters on Lik-sang don’t mention mac compatibility unless you look in the read me. Note that the colors should match up, leaving an extra wire, hopefully colored yellow, on the Xbox end.

I thought X-Arcades connected to the pc via the USB port, so I thought selecting one of those might do it, but unfortunately I still cannot get the emulator to recognise any of my own pc joysticks or joypads connecting to any of my 4 USB ports. Originally posted by Tychom: G-Mantle on Sep 08, ’03 Of course, you can say the same thing about PC gamepads.

I don’t have a floppy yes, the driver comes on a floppy so I lik-aang to use the website gameppad right off the bat. Whether they will or not who knows.

Such an adapter can be procured from the usual sources like the online retailer Lik-Sang http: The only prob I’ve had is that they don’t last very long or well. Apr 26, Posts: Excellent news SmartJoy adapters are definitely the way to go as they always seem to work without issues.

Originally posted by plexxx: Apr 3, Posts: Now, wrap electrical tape liberally around all four well, four and a half actually, counting the pesky yellowas shown in Figure Oh, and it’s spelled pisser, but pronounced pissuh.


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Retro Gaming Hacks by Chris Kohler

This step is the main reason that you should not drink a liter of coffee while attempting this hack. If I recall correctly, the latest Sidewinder iteration only provided one direction pad, which could be switched gaamepad analog and digital at will. The pad itself works great, very responsive and nice layout.

Originally posted by DGlue: Without the driver using Windows XP standard driver there’s no prob. The original XBox Huge Controller d-pad was some odd little webbed likk-sang, while I kinda liked it, it should be clear that it really shouldn’t even be considered alongside real d-pads.