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When I initially heard about this change, I was upset. The light leakage is minimal and not noticeable outside of a black background. The Bluetooth is a great addition, a new feature in the P series. Fujitsu has released another refresh to their popular ultra portable P series of notebooks. Bottom view view larger. The right side houses the flexible bay which can be used for an optical drive, second battery or weight saver plug.

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The one thing that really hurts from a performance perspective is the hard drive. I love picking up my backpack, trying to remember if the notebook is actually in there because the pack is so light. I used their classic test with the screen on full brightness. The microphone in and audio out ports are on the front and pretty convenient for p720 access.

The back of the unit is rounded, with embedded speakers in either corner. Risght side view larger The right side houses the flexible bay which can be used for an optical drive, second battery or weight saver plug.

The headphone jack works well, the quality for movies and such is very respectable. The layout is actually slightly better than past P models.

The wireless radios can be managed with the hardware switch. For recording meetings or lectures, this microphone is going to perform extremely well. Incidentally, you can remap the ECO button to bluetoot something else if you wish. The arrows have dropped down a bit, giving a bunch more space to the right Shift key and the punctuation keys between M and Shift.


The fan on bluerooth P frequently ran, so to me, this is a huge deal. The other tool is a new one. We use the program Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed.

Support & Downloads – FUJITSU Singapore

Performance Benchmarks We use the program Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed. Fujitsu P Screen view larger. The keyboard is keys with 18 mm key pitch and 2 mm key stroke. The left and right buttons are also a little smaller, but more square and easy to use. The flexible bay can support an additional battery as well, for excellent battery life.

Fujitsu lirebook to the 1. There are very few fanless notebooks on the market, but Fujitsu has done a blietooth job engineering this one.

Fujitsu P7120 (P7120D) Review (pics, specs)

Even the screws have suede covers, except the two I removed to upgrade the RAM and have not replaced. The lid is magnesium alloy and very sturdy with hardly any flex; pressing hard on the lid results in no screen rippling.

Minimum Transfer Rate 0. The end result is easier to access ports without doors that break off or stop closing after a period of time.


Fujitsu LifeBook P (″) | Small Laptops and Notebooks

Since the bay has moved to the right from the left, accessories from earlier P models will no longer fit. Another great change from the prior models is Fujitsu abandoned all the port doors. lbuetooth

Beyond all of this, Fujitsu has managed to add features like Bluetooth and docking station support. The screen is extremely bright, I generally crank up the display to max brightness, but found that a notch or two down from the top was the best with this model.

The minimum effective life of the 6-cell battery is about three hours. Fujitsu makes two models, the P and PD. Calculating to 2 million digits is our benchmark.

The P comes with both integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. I have not experimented with other p710 or phones though, so some may have a better time with it than I did.

Turning it on or off will enable or disable both radios at the same time.