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Comment 8 David Vancouvering OCI Server — jdbc: Comments Java desktop SQL database engine. The core SyncMan server runs on any of the supported MaxDB platforms, and the synchronized databases can be any combination of database and OS, so long as there exists a JDBC driver for the combination. But the knldiag is not very talky. I’d still like to know exactly what you’re doing.

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Comment 5 David Vancouvering If you see something that is not correct, know of a driver that is not listed here, or have a tip you want to share, mazdb let us know by using the comments fields found at the bottom of this article. The reason is a kill signal, probable sended by the watchdog of the database kernel.

This udbc indicates whether the synchronization engine will continue to operate if connectivity to its peers is lost.

Regards, Marco Original Message From: Hive2 does not support the full SQL capabilities. Comment 4 kawazu This field indicates jdbbc the synchronization of the data sources happens atomically.


Paskamp, Marco Hi, seems that your database is shutting down while you were running the report.


Description kawazu It uses a subset and is more accurately referred to as HiveQL. Comment 1 John Baker If you still have issues, please definitely re-open. This driver fixes a memory leak inside the database kernel, which only occurs in conjunction whith JDBC and if a lot of connections will be opened and closed. Contact your local HP representative for information on this product.

For SAP customers, the driver is part of your client tools. Comments Open source database. Downgrading this to a P2 – now we need to get a MaxDB environment set up Driver older class name.

Configuring and Running the Synchronization Manager. Supported OS Platforms This field indicates the Operating Systems under which the synchronization engine is supported. Supported data sources This field indicates the data sources that the particular synchronization engine is capable of peering with.

Step-by-Step guide MaxDB JDBC – Portal – SCN Wiki

Can you tell me the exact steps, it would be much appreciated. In order to begin using the Synchronization Manager, you will need to have a Java environment installed that includes a 1. Comment 11 jcbc Jan 21, at Driver official class name org.


Comment 3 John Baker This field indicates the data sources that the particular synchronization engine is capable of peering with.

Contact your SAP representative for more information. I suspect you’re changing a property on the connection and then trying to remove the connection.

Another feature of the Synchronization Manager is that you may choose to replicate any portion of your database to remote systems. See the SAP website for more information.

Have a look for lines which contains “ERR”, like the following: Teradata Company URL http: Comment 10 Idbc Vancouvering It looks like the original cause is the stack trace, which I suspect is disconnecting the database, and then you can’t do anything because the connection is closed “Object is closed”.