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Contact Us – Archive – Top. Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 3 Diameter: Disc Golf Courses in the United States: Send a private message to PanicKJ. The funny thing is that every Katana that I have thrown has been differant. Innova Katana – GStar. Find all posts by Apothecary.

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Innova Katana – Pro Driver

It is great for fast, long, easy distance off the tee, tailwind drives, and for huge turnover shots. Send a private idsc to PanicKJ.

Makes a good roller. They retain flight characteristics longer than DX. Find all posts by steven Innova Katana kwtana Star. Find all posts by skurf. I’d say the disc works pretty well. Maybe you should try a Nuke. About Color and Weight Availability – This model may not be available in all colors. Therefore we ask you to list and prioritize your color preferences and to give us guidance if the color or weight range you want happens to not be available.


It’s a recommended downwind driver. It gklf long and super straight.

Is the risk of a disc going hundreds of feet off target worth the potential money shot? Seems to be that the stiffer ones were a little more stable and the gummy ones were straight at first, then once broken in a little flippy. You may throw a foot shot that lands innovva feet from the hole.

Send a private message to skurf. No need to keep the Katana in my bag.

[Innova] Is the Pro Katana too understable? – Disc Golf Course Review

Originally Posted by discin http: I have one of those and a Champ. Originally Posted by discin Originally Posted by Apothecary.

Last edited by skurf; at The Innova Pro Driver Katana is a stable distance driver. Send kataja private message to TxDiscGolfBoy. It takes a while to turn over and glides really well.

[Innova] pro katana – Disc Golf Course Review

Send a private message to djjeremiahj. The first was a Pro Katana that I tried hyzer-flipping on hole 12 at Circle C over the tree-tops, but I didn’t put near enough hyzer on it and it turned over, went out of site over the tree tops, and dove gopf the dense woods.


I am going to get one for sure. Innova Katana – Champion Dyed. Pro boss, Champ katana or Enter the code in the box below: Find all posts by solomon. The funny thing injova that every Katana that I have thrown has been differant. Send a private message to bettsjc.

Pro discs are more durable than DX.