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As a minor aside, we liked the fact that we could easily insert or remove the CF card while the camera was mounted on a tripod. See the next section for a discussion of the C20’s exceptional low-light capability. This may be a limitation for some folks with older systems, but with hard drive prices as low as they are these days, it’s pretty cheap to dramatically upgrade your system’s capacity. We confess that we’d have liked a better provision for controlling slide shows interactively, via the button controls. Pressing the shutter button halfway actuates the autofocus and autoexposure systems, without actually triggering the shutter. Meaning that in most cases, you can just hit “print”, and you’ll get prints looking no worse than typical drugstore photofinishing. The flash did work reasonably well up to the closest focus distance though, successfully throttling-back its output enough for all but the lightest subjects.

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The C20 did moderately well in macro mode, photosmatt somewhat by the combination of its moderately wide-angle 39mm equivalent lens, and relatively meager close-focusing distance of 8 inches 20 cm. The size menu initially defaults to the image size in pixels, meaning the image xamera print at a default size based on a “pixels per inch” setting you can adjust elsewhere in the program. I am a full time power seller on eBay. We mentioned the ergonomic, curved housing of the camera in the overview: This means that, while the camera will behave like an ISO device in extremely low-light conditions, in moderate illumination, it operates at the ISO rating its specifications indicate.

A circular, rainbow-hued color control lets you adjust the digktal color cast of an image very easily and interactively.

Conclusion We confess that at first approach, the very simple user interface of the C20 led us to not expect a great deal from the camera: With digital cameras, the task of getting images into your computer is trivially easy, almost without regard to the type of camera you purchase.


Finally, a tiny number in the lower right-hand corner of the image tells you which image is being displayed. In very dim light, using the maximum 2 second exposure time, a few bad CCD cells show xigital as bright camfra in the image, hewpett far fewer of them than we’re accustomed to seeing in the few other cameras capable of this sort of extended time-exposure.

Most applications only support one print per page of output paper. Frame rate, resolution, and image sharpness are average among similar cameras. Downoads via the PC slot take seconds, as compared to minutes for serial-cable transfers. More than any other digital camera we’ve seen to date, the HP C20 holds the promise of easily-produced hardcopy prints to share with friends and family.

The net of this is that the ;ackard is exceptionally well-suited to photosmrt shooting! We confess that we’d have liked a better provision for controlling slide shows interactively, via the button controls. We find ourselves using this capability fairly frequently when it’s accessibleand so prefer to have it immediately accessible.

HP PhotoSmart C20 (1998)

Therefore I conclude that Konica did contribute the breadboard for the camera but it is far from being a true OEM model. Diigtal camera has two basic modes: Deselect the ones you’re not interested in by highlighting them and then click the “remove” button. Face it, while phootosmart are wonderful, and email nearly universal, when it comes right down to it, most people interact with images as pictures printed on physical pieces of paper.

Comments, issues, or heaven forbid an error in the review?

HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

Once you’ve selected the images you want, go to the “adjust” menu to adjust either exposure or color settings. We found that the flash did a good job of throttling-down its pac,ard for close-up shooting, although it would wash out light-colored subjects at the camera’s closest focusing limit. A general rule of thumb is that an amateur photographer can hand-hold for exposures as long in seconds as the inverse of the lens focal length in mm.


They very important to my business and are no longer available new. A “reset” button will also set everything back to normal with a single click, if you get too lost in the adjustment process.

Combined with the f2. Again the Konica was marketed a year earlier than the HP. Swap them out immediately!

For whatever reason, we’ve become conditioned to associate quality images with complex devices. It’s once again for our standard tirade against users who think that they can blithely hand-hold a camera taking a time exposure, just because hewlstt happens to be digital.

HP PhotoSmart C20

An integrated TV connection with an extra-long cable allows users to display photographs on their TVs in the comfort of their living rooms – or in their hotel rooms during vacations or business trips. Users have no longer to wait for the photo-processing lab.

Surprisingly, such deadly accuracy is rare, even with LCD viewfinders. As simple as it may seem, this is a function that’s usually overlooked by camera manufacturers, and one that we believe will contribute greatly to the C20’s phoyosmart of use.