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You’ve moved on to level 2. The big stucco building is the property to buy. Then go to your hideout and save the game. Make a quick journey to Vice Point, where you completed the Paramedic and Pizza Delivery Missions, since you’re used to the roads there. You’re given 2 minutes to kill 25 gang members using a Shotgun.

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Take any new helicopter to the middle of the west island. You also have enough money to buy another house. Actually, now you’re standing between 2 swimming pools. Age Rating You must be at least 17 years old to download this application.

GTA: Vice City Mission #42 – The Driver – PC Walkthrough – video dailymotion

There is no doubt about it! Continue shooting at his car until a cutscene starts. Look in the corner of the signs for it and find the package. If that happens, wait till he’s in the new car then ram it. After being briefed by Diaz, make your way to the house mentioned.

Steal the Rhino from the Military. There are more to collect on the east island.

There’s practically nothing you need to do. Kaufman Cabs aren’t bad, but Taxis have the best handling of the group. Mission 12 – The Chase. Jack a vehicle and take the first left. Go north ctiy it and shortly you’ll notice a white jewelry shop to your left–the only shop you can enter on this road.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by HandsomeRockus – GameFAQs

Whenever you need to get your Taxi patched up, don’t hesitate to go to a Pay ‘n’ Spray. Just hold FIRE and wave the flame misson and right. Go east from the hotel to the sea shore, and go south along it to the Rampage icon. You’ll find another “EP” Admiral.

Mission #42 – The Shootist for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Now it’s time to train for drive-by shootings. Spray it, or the smoke just over it, continuously till you see a lot of water vapor coming from the vehicle with a hiss, which tells you that you’re spraying the right part to put out the fire. You’ll see two old fashioned buildings on either side of you ignore the middle one ahead of you. Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios www.

GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #42 – The Shootist

Go across the intersection and west on the road. After buying this property, a pink marker that looks like a cassette Save icon will appear there. Actually, that curvy sidewalk is meant for walking, but you can drive over it. Attempting any of them in real life may cause severe harm to you or your property or that of another jacking a car, doing the Unique Jump, fighting in gun battles, etc. Go to the middle of Little Havana to reach a large area of pink houses it’s green with white dots on the Map and radar.


Avoid nission as much as possible; let the FAQ tell you when to do them. Find the one of the three wooden huts that doesn’t have a roof. You will have a rendezvous with Diaz.

After triggering the mission, jump from the steps and sprint toward the miasion group of gangsters. Turn right, look along the wall, and grab it. The package is at the end of a passage Gatewhich is by a Health icon.