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Way too big for my MBP’s internal drive , and sometimes when I first put in the card and mount the drive I’m unable to start any applications or transfer any volume of data to the drive without a crash. When mounting,OS X will post a message that the drive’s directory is damaged and need to reformat. Reboot If you would like to re-install the driver, please follow below steps. I uninstalled the Jmicron driver that I downloaded from its own site because there seems to not be any difference between having it and not. Third, the battery and charging circuitry is in close proximity to the EC slot. I get a lot of mails on just OS X software update problems, most I can’t replicate personally, even on similar hardware.

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They both offer booting on the early version ONLY – which in my case was outstanding. I have not used the Apiotek card with I just upgraded from OSX I was getting many freezes in FCP when drives were daisy-chained.

Silicon Image eSATA driver update for Lion? | MacRumors Forums

In either case it needs reboot mostly for either the Mac OS to see it or of expressscard for the FirmTek driver to see. But today, a light at the end of this particularly irritating tunnel. I was somewhat hopeful that this idea might work. The 64bit kernel can’t load 32bit kexts.


I subsequently purchased Snow Leopard but I use some Native Instruments music software that is now unsupported by Native Instruments and therefore won’t run on When this happens, it looks like the drive initially shuts down writes and then eventually powers itself off or stops responding to commands.

How could this happen? These incompatible drives include, but are not limited to: There is a tab to update the firmware, it is very easy. I don’t know of anyone that’s tried one with a MBP however. Status All Unanswered Processing Answered.

Haven’t got any speed benchmarks either. The only slight draw back is this card only comes with one port. Not happy with it anyway I would think that the 4 port LaCie saata work, as the driver for that has been listed as compatible with It even mounts drives or partitions with a FirmTek custom icon which is great to be able to distinguish the Express Card volumes from others on desktop.

I’ll get back in touch once I’ve tested booting and benchmarked the performance. The Disk Utility “restore” did work then. The machine did boot via the card with no issues. It is just short of being exactly like an internal SSD. I followed a procedure that I found on the internet called “Uninstalling Sil driver”. I believe that Apple was playing it safe and considered the driver incompatible due to the future which may boot into a bit kernel griiffin default.


Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

Thanks for that driver tip. Then, if I power down the card, pull it out, and re-insert it, it will work without any trouble at all. To save space here page already huge see my comments in the Jan.

The card’s installation is fairly straightforward.

I’ll probably have to re-format the drive. Show All Item Images close. That card is Sil based from past posts here.

So, I’m pretty happy with it. Per Firmtek’s testing, does not affect or MacBook Pro models. Add This item has been added to the Restock List. Performance-wise, using the esata connection generally significantly outperformed the USB port on the combo-drive.