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One therefore has no choice on this on the top model. Yet in reality, working too far from an outlet is greatly impeded by the battery life with the 60 Wh standard battery. In addition to the optics of the display screen lid, the potential buyer can choose from a wide s pectrum of possible options. Our tester had to do without. Software Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit was pre-installed on the E we tested. That means that the driver was optimized in terms of stability and compatibility. Also as expected, modern 3D-heavy games can only be played fluidly on lower settings.

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Subjectively, the colors seem well-contrasted and lifelike despite the matt surface of the display. Thankfully, there are diverse data media in the box of the tester. With the E, Dell offers a reworked DPC-latency, not critical but also not good. Depending on the options chosen, the communication configuration is also good to excellent.

Review Dell Latitude E6510 Notebook

The heat dizplayport also doesn’t stop on the upper side. The broad margins right and left of the keyboard were used for the loudspeakers. After that, password inputs can be substituted with a scan of the fingerprint.


The E does not distinguish itself from the majority of the notebook competition in terms of viewing angles. The bright and matt display screen proves to be a great asset to the machine when it comes to using it outdoors. After changing the display screen’s angle, the screen teeters only very little.

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This feels displayportt and almost velvety. The ventilation duct on the left side pushes out a constant stream of warm to hot air and makes working with an external mouse uncomfortable for left-handers.

The sound is decent for an office laptop. Different options are offered depending on the country. The Kensington Security Slot helps hamper theft.

System Noise The E at idle runs relatively quiet with a maximum of Depending on one’s preferences, scrolling can be done either via the two visually marked scrollbars dipslayport with Multi-Touch maneuvers. Two locking hooks fixed to the screen make sure that the E doesn’t open unintentionally when transported. Obligatory for business machines: Because the SSD doesn’t have any mechanical parts, it remains of course practically inaudible.

Also there is a USB All in all, gratifyingly pleasant input devices, but unfortunately no separate numeric keypad. Depending on one’s demands, the machine comes with various hardware configurations; for instance also with an independent graphic card and an Intel quad core CPU. That components with this kind of performance could even be used in a thin didplayport with limited cooling.


But these must apparently be ordered separately in the USA. Only the bracket on the upper edge of the display screen lid yields to even light pressure. We now come to the runtimes expected in real-life scenarios. Our tester was equipped with four gigabytes of memory RAM. In comparison with the smaller E we e6150, the E comes up considerably better.

In terms of the offered guarantees, there is the ex works 3 year on-sight service by the next work day. In contrast to the Arrandale Core i processors, the Clarksfield processors do not offer an integrated graphic chip.

It has a rather unusual place inside right of the keyboard. Usuable loudspeakers A 60 Wh lithium-ion battery is delivered as standard It one orders a mobile broadband modem, the corresponding SIM slot is found in the battery panel.

Though some adjustments can be made, especially skin color comes off rather poorly. From that, only 3.