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So, any comments on that? Comment on Dec 30th, at 5: After that, play around with the i2c board and lights. In my application, I was going to be controlling a string of instruments on a bus with 3 control signals and a byte-wide data path. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the nice post. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I am connected as 8 bits to an imager with two control signals coming from the imager frame valid and line valid.

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fxload(8) – Linux man page

I use libusb, and move the driver work into the actual software instead. Is there any simple debug strategy to check what is going on in the FX2? Comment on Jan 21st, at If you didn’t want to do this, you could write your own kernel driver, or just use libusb and a daemon instead. Comment on Oct 30th, at 3: If I compiled a program with keil, I needed to use CyConsole to download and run cyprsss. Comment on Dec 15th, at 5: Device firmware just processes interrupts, fills buffers, and tells the hardware to do its thing.


I’ll be very thankful to you.

Ahh, yes it is in cyoress source directories of the tar ball. This 2nd tidbit is vital. Comment on Dec 30th, at 5: Here is another resource I used during my process of creating my own sdcc framework for the chip: The tools that Cypress provides with the development kit are Windows based. So, any comments on that?

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. A company called AnchorChips now owned by Cypress came out with an innovative and useful product a while ago: Glad to see this chipset is not dead yet…… I attempted to find tools that ran on other platforms, other than windows, but windows is a requirment to extract many of the Cypress examples.

After that, play around with the i2c board and lights. Please type your message and lniux again.

Comment on Nov 21st, at 1: That only works if you have lights linuc work with I guess. Glad to see there are multiple options.

SDCC works very similar to gcc but provides output that can be loaded onto embedded devices. USB devices typically have to work with many operating systems.


I dont know what to do about driver.

But when I try to build this. Dennis, how do I join the fx2lib-devel mailing list? Does anyone have any examples of code for the GPIF, or any suggestions on how to debug it? I just started down the same road three days ago. Comment on Dec 12th, at 2: On the driver cypreds there won’t be differentiation between SX2 and FX2.

Linux Support for FX2LP™ and other USB Peripher | Cypress Developer Community

I have searched for its driver for Linux,but have not found it yet. Like using ctl0 for busy or something? The Firmware is assembled using a macro processor which allows to specify all required settings by a few macros.