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Keep up with the latest tech news, reviews and previews by subscribing to the Good Gear Guide newsletter. Once you start winning a few races, Ryan will begin gaining attention — new managers will even try to poach him for rival teams, offering better contracts, cars and prime driving spots. Although it keeps one foot very much in arcade territory, V8SC3 does have sim-like aspirations, and new to the series are the in-race effects like tyre wear, tyre temperature and engine overheating. Retrieved 10 September Share via email email. There have been numerous video games which have included the drivers, teams, cars and circuits from the Supercars Championship , the leading touring car category in Australia.

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Up to 12 players are supported via Xbox Live and the PlayStation 2 version supports up to 8 online. The game included a Holden Commodore -based and a Ford Falcon -based car, with the Holden Racing Team’s livery being used on one of the Commodore-based cars.

Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on 1 April That low rumbling sound that’s vibrating through your lounge room and echoing into your very bones?

Vodemasters Race Driver PC “. GRIDGrid 2 is in development. The cut-scenes in this mode look sensational, but the story is nowhere near as engaging as the last outing, which is a big disappointment.

Testing out the new disciplines is great fun, but Codemasters may have overstretched itself slightly, as the variations in vehicle physics between some categories is minute, to say the least. The game continued with sulercars grid positions and no penalties for bad driving. It asks you to win whole championships across every single discipline, a seriously long-term objective.


Fictional but realistic tracks were added, and support races such as Ford Fiestas, Formula Ford and others also arrived. However, the return was short-lived. LinuxWindowsPlayStation 3Xbox In fact, its whopping new roster of gameplay options hits like a large blunt object to the head.

Real-life video from the Mount Panorama Circuit with virtual cars superimposed over the top. It also has career, multiplayer and single-race modes. The series originally focused specifically on touring car racingbut after World Touring Carsthe series expanded to cover a wide variety of motorsport.

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This article is about the video game series. This was followed by V8 Supercars 2 inwhich featured content from the season and was also released for Windows. There are features that we’d still codematsers to see – namely instant replay, more multiplayer combatants and a more sim-like driver experience when the driver aids are removed – but that just leaves something to look forward to next time.

There have been numerous video games which have included the drivers, teams, cars and circuits from the Supercars Championshipthe leading touring car category in Australia. PS2 81 [10] Xbox 80 [11] PC codemaasters [12]. Several of these games were officially licenced by Supercars.

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I’ve only played the early code so far but it is already obvious V8 Supercars Race Driver is one of the top racing games around. Rafe edition, Forza Motorsport 6featured ten V8 Supercars including all five marques that competed in the season. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


Share on Pinterest pinterest. Chris Stead PC World. Then you can also exchange tracks online using a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Fully licenced games have accurate cars including liveriesdrivers and or tracks from the V8 Supercars series.

PC 84 [23] Xbox 84 [24] PS2 82 [25]. The super aggressive AI drivers won’t hesitate to put you into a wall if they get the chance, but braking and picking good lines to avoid codemastere is only half the battle.

The gameplay overall became more ccodemasters and the replacement of qualifying laps with random grid positions together with the omission of penalties for bad driving made the game much more playable for the supercaes gamer. The best and the worst from day four of the second test between NZand Sri Lanka.

It featured real-life video from the Mount Panorama Circuit with the virtual cars superimposed over the top. Plus, it throws rudimentary tuning and car upgrading into the mix, which should appease vehicular fanatics.