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The BellSouth supplied Models B and C are specifically designed with a unique firmware, interface, and features that are different from the standard retail models. Westell Specific Information. Step 4 After the modem has restarted your Westell is in “Bridged Ethernet” mode and is ready to work properly with a router or PPPoE client from the computer. The reason is that the Westell modem interface address is Do not enter anything in the Host Name or Domain Name fields. Click here for details.

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Pictures by Andy Houtz Step 9 Power up the network equipment in this order: It is recommended that you cleanly uninstall the USB drivers before making changes. Even though it has a good reputation for reliability, it has a habit of delivering flaky speeds and eventually dying altogether. The lower the dB the better for this measurement. The has a new chipset that improves performance on marginal loops that have bridged taps or other problems. After changing my Linksys router setting to restore internet, the Westell modem could not be accessed at it ip address.

That will bypass the typical router functions and allow you to use the wireless and switch functions only. Yes, you could have just added the IDENT port to your DCC service, but it is sometimes nice to be able to disable one without having to disable the other, you know?


The modem requires drivers that are OS specific. It does not require any drivers on the PC to function, but its chipset is outdated and inferior in its ability to connect on marginal loops. Modem has PPP passthrough capabilities. You will not be able to access the Westell interface if it is connected in conjunction with another router.

Replacing Bellsouth Modem

These procedures and pictures are based on the moddm recent firmware for the Westell. The modem interface is After you have made the changes to the Westell you can then connect the router and configure it for use with FastAccess. More information on the STH is available here.

I am sure all the usernames and passwords are correct.

They are however easily out-classed by newer models. Standard wireless routers can also be configured and wired to function as a WAP.

If you do not have a router listed below please proceed to Step 7. The pop-up page will disappear. Standard Default Mode Connection separate hub or switch present Highly recommended setup for networking. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: Should I enable it?


I could not get uTorrent speed above 15 kbps and instructions from portfowarder. After you update the firmware it may take a minute or so to be able to reconnect the Internet.

Bellsouth DSL wireless help with Westell … – Apple Community

So, let’s say you might have 11 DCC sends going at once, so let’s use ports to for example. For the Base Host Port: On Demand – Automatically initiates a connection when you make an internet request. Step 5 Important note: After the modem has fully reinitialized connect the Westell to the NIC and then power up the computer.

Section Section 2 for more details.

Step 2 Click on the Upgrade Device button on the left menu. Will ony certain ones work or can I buy anything?

Thanks for taking the time to post the steps. Click on Expert Mode from the menu and confirm that you want to enter Expert Mode.