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Your particular case hightlighted in the other thread could be the old stock S. Also, make sure your modem is turned on when pressing the reset button. By default the username is blank, and the password is admin. Did call them 3 times, do some useless trouble shooting, but not works at all. I followed your instruction to type in the IP Add, Subnet I thot, all routers have a built-in dialer so that any wifi device can connect to it and get onto the net no PC needed.

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Dec 4 I aztefh reading somewhere about this modem giving problems after messing with the custom rules in Point Forwarding. Jan 7 Can’t remove port forwarding rule that is set previously to a machine which is not in the network anymore.

So I just power off and on the modem and everything works again. Do note that the firmware upgrade 30u flashing a few of files in sequence which is outlined in the documentation provided in the zip file. Antivirus with “internet security” program may help u if u switch to brigde mode. Nov 15 Also what is the average UPload and download attenuation in ur modem status.


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Can’t find machine in LAN Clients. Hopefully they might send their technicians to check things out or give you another modem. I think most likely azttech the DNS issue. But maybe that’s cuz it says azrech Then click ‘setup’ and select ‘Connection 0’ on the left.

I heard some of the modem DSL light should be blinking although telephone line is not connected to indicate that the modem is searching for the signal. Thanks No no no And keep in mind that for BitTorrent, the ports that are required to open are: My house not jumpered and my modem link LED will blink meaning no signal. Show posts by this member only Post 5. U must install the usb driver first.

This post has been edited by bsl As forI just opened them since it’s stated in most BT related articles that they are needed. Hope others would help you better. Anyone here have backup modems? Dec 25 I still see alot of people giving tutorial on doing port forwarding. Your particular case hightlighted in the other thread could be the old stock S.


Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? Jan 8 Save your settings and reboot your modem. As long as u dun simply change the configuration n settings in the modem or modify them frequently, it should b fine to serve u as a ADSL modem. What’s the latest Firmware for EU? I am using this modem. I tried to do PW last under user rules and suddenly the modem hang. Could anyone show me the detail steps to set the modem?