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Got a lot of DACs coming our way soon. Reply May 22, Joey. Post 13 of Hello, That would be great, looking forward towards it. If it can drive the ohm HD, it should be able to handle the ohm DT Hi Simon, opamp burn-in is something that I have never personally examined.

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Audinst HUD-mx2 DAC: sweet and seductive sound stimulation!

It is far from the best amplifier for those cans, but audisnt starters, I’d just plug it in and enjoy the music. I tried using the Audinst as a DAC, and then using its analog outs to the line-in on the V1, and I thought it sounded just a tad better than using the V1 alone. Ok then can I ask another question? Cons – a bit too loud. The amp section is robust enough to drive my HD in a similar not audindt as refined fashion as my Schiit Lyr in my main jud-mx1. Reply September 27, Nugra. They always respond to my emails in a day, and they have sent me a new power adapter for free when mine was broken.


They always respond to my emails in a day, and they have sent me a new power adapter for free when mine was broken. I want to upgrade from hd to audjnst and since I’ve never heard good amp before I’m just not sure what is good enough to make hd shine.

Audinst HUD-mx2 DAC: sweet and seductive sound stimulation!

They all had Windows 7 and they all worked perfectly. You have the uDac coming right? I’m not sure if you ever got around to opamp rolling Mike but I have the AD in it right jud-mx1. Hi Theo, I don’t think I understand you properly here.

This little electronic wonder is worth every penny spent! Cons – none realy I fully recommend the MX1 as a convenient, one-piece solution to get great sound out of a computer. Did I ask something Q2 non-sense or was it just unclear? I would also look at the Schiit Asgard amp check our Amplifier Recommendations.

Review: Audinst HUD-mx1 USB DAC/amp | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Reply August 27, Mike. Reply February 27, Mike. Leaning more towards lower mid tones, with audiinst bit more bass and slightly rounded highs. That is very weird Jason. It is a pleasure to listen to the 80s hit Don?


Reply July 10, Mike. Reply May 22, Mike. Reply October 18, Barjoyai. Reply April 20, metomurti. Reply May 27, Gadi Russak.

I’ll be updating this review as the amp burns in, but I can say that at the moment, I am liking how the amp pairs with the DT Reply August 29, Anonymous. I really hope you can get it working because it makes a really great DAC. This combo is not the best at bass extension, and still has a bit of raggedness in the kHz response compared to higher end options. Reply June 23, Matt.

Reply January 27, Robert Zhang. Reply November 30, Cowincanada. Reply July 4, Anonymous. Soundstaging is nice and spacious, with good depth and cohesiveness.