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Page 37 Figure It can generate high frequency pulses 6. Page 29 Figure The following table lists the suggested resistor values according to the encoder power supply. Your manual failed to upload Click this button close this window. Page developed program.

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End-limit sensor X ORG: To understand your rights and enjoy all the after-sales services we offer, please read the following carefully. These function libraries are shipped with the module. CMP trigger type can be set as normal low rising edge or normal high falling edge.

HSL-DON-DIN Adlink call – ACCEED – Industrial PC

Comparators 1 and 2 are used for soft limits. A circuit diagram is shown in the diagram below. Page 49 Figure December 21, Part No: The latch function is used to capture values on all 4 counters refer to section 4. Advance Technologies; Automate the World.


Page 37 Figure Page 75 designed to interact with the deviation counter clear signal of the servomotor driver. If using half duplex mode, the occupied ID will be continuously from this setting.


Page 36 Figure Circular interpolation for 2 axes The following diagram shows the waveform. Play Keys X X Left play button: Select the response mode of the EL signal. Windows context switching would not interrupt the module. Change to pps if Sensor 3 is touched. Continuously Comparison with Trigger Output To compare multiple data continuously, functions for building comparison tables are provided and are shown below: Default setting is normal high. Page Figure NPN type general purpose Output available in —N modules: The velocity profile is shown as follows: Instead, we hso many kinds of API functions for controlling this module.

For example, if the original acceleration range for the command hls Page 33 and DIR.

The Following table shows the differences between all single axis motion functions, including preset mode both trapezoidal and Scurve motion and constant velocity mode. Page 76 X Relative Functions: Page 77 The latch function is used to capture values on all 4 counters refer to section 4.


Page 61 Figure Click this button close this window. Velocity and Acceleration Time A After a new feedback position is set X Relative Function: