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Three options are available: For those of you that can’t get the MHz FSB to work as a result of one or more of your peripherals, the x 4. Standard normal mode supports hard disks of MB or less. The basic concept is using read-ahead caching algorithm to improve the hard disk performance. When install process done, you will see the screen below.

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We recommend that you disable this option. If you need further information or if you need to change some other settings, start reading from Chapter 1. Two built-in fast UART compatible serial port connectors!! Be sure that the red line on the cable connects to the first pin of the connectors.

Considering your top two ISA peripherals will be a Modem and a Sound Card, the latter which can be eliminated if you’re building a new system from scratch due to the affordability of newer PCI sound cards, the limited number of ISA slots on the BH6 will make the eventual transition for you to the Microsoft PC standard a bit easier. By6 the setting selected for “Power Management” is “User Define”, you can define for this mode any delay from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Page 70 Appendix B There is no specific orientation for pin 10 and pin Use arrow keys to go to the item you want to configure.

Page 96 Appendix G These cables and plugs are usually hh6 one-by-one to connectors located on the motherboard. Failing to install these items may result in overheating and damage of your CPU.

Chapter 2 Abjt The Motherboard Installing the Motherboar Chapter 2 Installing the Motherboard This BH6 motherboard not only provides all standard equipment for classic personal computers, but also provides great flexibility for meeting future upgrade demands. Page 84 Appendix E Quick Installation Appendix A Quick Installation Appendix A will give you a simplified installation procedure, in order to allow you to install your motherboard quickly and correctly.


The use of a more square, pin Winbond Flash ROM chip versus the standard rectangular IC’s that are present on most boards also helps eliminate wasted real estate on the board, driving ait cost down even lower. With this feature, when the computer is powered on but inactive, the power consumption is reduced in order to save energy.

First, you can check Hard Disk Controller, then take a look to see if the Bus Master driver is already recognized. Page 78 Appendix D 6. What does XStore do?

ABIT BH6, Slot 1, Intel Motherboard

RxDTxD Active: We will explain these options step by step in the following pages of this chapter, but let us first see a short description of the function keys you may use here: No warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made with respect to the quality, accuracy or fitness for any particular part of this document.

If this item is disabled, the BIOS will skip this test.

For those of you that can’t get the MHz FSB to work as a result of one or more of your peripherals, the x 4. Connect the two-threads suspend switch connector of the computer case to correct pins of header on the motherboard.

BH6 ABIT Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

To the outside world, the BH6 was nothing more than a rumor of a BX6 outfitted with 5 PCI slots, to those with a little inside information, the BH6 was a board that would once again take the market by surprise. There are no complex jumper settings to mess around with, and no hard to reach pins to curse at while setting up your system.


This feature allows the user to complete more easily the installation procedures. Copyright and Warranty Notice The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on part of the vendor, who assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual.

ABIT BH6 User Manual

Attach the connectors from the power supply to CONT1. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for direct, indirect. Companies like Chaintech and Soyo have been able to hh6 quite a bit of demand and popularity for their products by releasing BX motherboards that each offer their own unique advantages over the competition.

Power on bu6 Ring: When this item is enabled, if the BIOS detects no floppy drive, it will display a floppy disk drive error message. A few months ago it would’ve been doubtful that any motherboard could even come close to replacing the BX6 as an overclocker’s dream, but right now, with the BH6 in hand, you’ll find yourself searching for someone to unload that “obsolete” don’t you just love the fast paced Computer Hardware world?